Oregon Active Transportation Summit
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On the tenth anniversary of the Oregon Active Transportation Summit, we are giving a platform to the bright minds that are taking on the intersecting issues of climate change and transportation in an equitable and sustainable landscape. During this year’s Oregon Active Transportation Summit we will examine how our transportation investments, programs and plans can leave us all with clean, equitable solutions for the future of our planet and community.

This year’s virtual Summit April 27-30 consists of workshops, panels, round table discussions, mobile workshops, professional training, and a keynote address from the National Association of City Transportation Officials’ Ronnie Matthew Harris with a special introduction by Portland Transportation Commissioner, Jo Ann Hardesty.

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Ronnie Matthew Harris

Visionary Lead, Go Bronzeville Speaker, Designing Cities Conference
Based in Chicago, Ronnie is an experience speaker, counselor, and social entrepreneur.  He has an uncanny knack for connecting people, places and things.   As an experienced urban mission strategist, he’s devoted his life to seeing people flourish within the context of global cities, advocating for equitable access to a quality life.

He’s the founding member of Sacred Roots, a community learning and development enterprise seeking to provide progressive alternatives of hope for those marginalized by historic, socio-economic barriers by creating innovative paths toward sustainable, equitable development through strategic partnerships.

He is presently studying at University of Aberdeen; exploring the socio-economic intersections between race, religion, and culture in urban cities around the world. Recent projects have included, but are not limited to, the following: